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Apartments Sarantis Beach Apartments Of Viotia

The seaside settlement of Sarantis in the prefecture of Boeotia is a unique and at the same time close destination for small excursions, just 1 hour from the center of Athens.
Here in this enchanting landscape you will find our "Koxylia" apartments, which are close to you for many years and can offer you a comfortable and relaxing stay during your vacation.
Our rented apartments incorporate everything that can be found at Sarantis beach, the stay is a unique experience. The natural landscape and quiet are some of what our guests enjoy. Endless images that follow one another, make up a puzzler full of nature, authentic hospitality and beauty.
Our apartments are divided into double, triple and quadruple rooms, are beautifully decorated with unique views of the Corinthian Sea and are an ideal choice for family holidays all year round. They are located a stone's throw from the sea, but also at the back, so that you can enjoy your tranquility.
Together with your friends or family, come to Sarantis settlement and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the beautiful beach, relax and enjoy beautiful memories.
With years of experience in the hospitality industry, we try every year to offer you the most relaxed and comfortable vacations ever before.

We expect you to rent our apartments in the seaside settlement of Sarantis to offer you a unique holiday and to make you feel like your home.

Koxylia | Appartments to let
Sarantis beach, Viotia
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